• Pastries
    Our pastry case is filled with all kinds of muffins, scones, cookies, cakes, bars, pies, and bagels. Choose one to eat now and take some back to the office. Proudly partnering with Baker Street Bakery and Leo's Bakery.
    • Blueberry Muffin
    • Maple Scone
    • Banana Bread
    • Raspberry Cream Cheese Bar
    • Lemon Blueberry Loaf
  • Soups & Salads
    Fresh salads are made daily. Pick up a large salad or choose a small one to pair with a half sandwich or cup of soup. Choose from a variety of salad dressings.
    • Tomato Roasted Red Pepper Soup
    • Chicken Chili
    • Garden Salad with Chicken or Tuna Salad
    • Harvest Salad with Nuts and Fruit
  • Soup and 1/2 Sandwich Combos
    Get energized for the day with a meal that will satisfy your hunger and put a smile on your face! Choose a lunch side: potato salad, pasta salad, apple, or chips.
    • Breakfast Sandwich
    • Egg Scramble Plate
    • Soup & 1/2 Sandwich Combo
    • Soup & Small Salad Combo
  • Wraps & Sandwiches
    Try our hearty sandwiches on freshly baked bread. Go retro with an egg or chicken salad sandwich. Enjoy one of our signature wraps. Each comes with your choice of a bag of chips or fresh fruit.
    • Mediterranean Wrap
    • Sonoma Panini (grilled)
    • Voter's Block Club Sub
    • Caprese Panini (grilled)